Knitting Projects

A few of the several knitting projects which I've recently completed:

Purple scarf, worked lengthwise, 7 different yarns.PurpleScarf-CT.jpg (143132 bytes)

Eggplant-colored wool shawl for Mom.PurpleShawlPhoto.jpg (25284 bytes)

Boucle scarf christened the "Muppet Scarf" by VixyMuppet2.jpg (16787 bytes)

Espresso scarf, photographed at the coffee shop (of course!).EspressoWall2.jpg (45662 bytes)

Black-and-white striped scarf, for my sister.BW-StripeC.jpg (35,930  bytes)

Red "sweetheart" scarf, of Trendsetter Dune yarn.redscarfC.jpg (45662 bytes)

Burgundy frost "glitz" scarf.Glitz1C.jpg (57,636 bytes)

The "tribble" shawl: superwash wool yarn double stranded with
multi-colored nylon eyelash yarn.TribbleC.jpg (89,908 bytes)

Black-and-white eyelash scarf (aka "Cheronian"),
proudly modeled by Pondside's husband.Cheronian-Modeled.jpg (112,192 bytes)

Purple scarf of Trendsetter Sorbet, created for Pondside
who loves purple.SorbetC.jpg (98,034 bytes)

Fun Fabrics

These are the fabrics I'm working on making summer dresses from:

Blue butterfly/floral batikBlueBatik.jpg (12906 bytes)

Embroidered red gauzeRedGauze.jpg (6746 bytes)


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