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Arlene Hills (a.k.a. Callie, Clarisse, and a few other aliases she declines to acknowledge) descended on Oregon in 1985, and promptly began making music with anyone who didn't prudently flee. In the process she founded two Renaissance consorts (one of which, Belles-Anges, was never apprehended and was last reported sighted on the Oregon coast), and two madrigal groups. No charges were ever filed. Callie has gone through piano, flute, music theory/history/performance and voice teachers, but wore most of them out within two years. Her voice teacher is still holding out so far, but Callie cautions that it's early days yet. Recorders, pennywhistles and a guitar have also fallen into her clutches. Her other activities include disguise (particularly as practiced by time travellers), handicrafts of the sort that are easy to pick up and run away with, and teaching stones to think, or at least to reason.

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