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Echo's Children

Our final CD, From The Hazel Tree, is now available, as is our songbook.


Callie and Cat at Balticon


photograph by Adam Ek, April 1999
Some (MP3) examples of our music

Echo's Children (Callie Hills and Cat Faber) was an acoustic duo that performed mostly at science fiction conventions. We wrote, arranged, and performed original songs about subjects ranging from science fiction through science and technology to out-and-out fantasy. More information about this sort of music (called "filk" music) is available at Julia West's Web site.

Echo's Children Songbook Now Available

A book of the majority of Echo's Children's songs is now available; see the CD page for details.

So what's new here?

Upcoming appearances

Echo's Children was a Pacific Northwest based duo who mainly performed at science fiction conventions from 1997-2003. Cat is now living in east Tennessee; Callie moved from Oregon to Seattle, Washington. Each remains active in filk music in her region.

Our next (individual) appearances:

  • Cat will be attending OVFF in Columbus, Ohio, in late October.
  • Callie will be attending OryCon, in Portland, Oregon, in mid-November.
  • Cat will be attending GaFilk, held in Atlanta, Georgia in early January.
  • Callie will be attending Conflikt, held in Seattle, Washington in late January.
Additional appearances will be announced when finalized.

Anyone wishing to contact us about performing can send us e-mail at ec ( at ) echoschildren.org, or write to

Echo's Children
c/o Arlene 'Callie' Hills
15103 8th Avenue NE
Shoreline, WA 98155

Performances on command: CDs

A fourth (and final) CD, From the Hazel Tree, is now available! In addition, Echo's Children has produced three other CDs. Two of these, A Dancing World and As Good As Any, are available from us by mail order, or from a few discerning filk dealers. You can find out more about our CDs and how to order them, on our CD Page.

Do-it-yourself music: lyrics and sheet music

An Echo's Children songbook is available for purchase. In addition, lyrics and sheet music for many of our songs are available free of charge on this site. Links to our songs can be found on:

  • The song index page, with links to all available songs, alphabetized by title
  • The CD Page, with links to those songs on our CDs, organized by CD and track number
  • The non-CD page, with links to those songs not yet available on CD

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It was created by: Cat Faber (cat ( at ) echoschildren.org). It is maintained by Arlene "Callie" Hills (callie ( at ) echoschildren.org )

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